A Virtual Office in London is a rented address, without the physical space. Rental of the address is cheap, and allows you to have a prestigious London address without the substantial associated costs of a physical office. This makes it a great way of minimising the costs of setting up a new business, or moving a business to a more prestigious area. Read on to find out more.


When setting up a new business, funding can be low and you might be short staffed as a result. This may mean that you struggle to answer all business calls from potential customers. Not only does it seem unprofessional when a customer has to leave a voicemail message, but you also run the risk of not obtaining enough information from the customer to return the call. If you cannot return the call then they may be deterred from using your business and you might suffer a loss as a result. Using a virtual office in London often provides the additional benefit of Call Answering Services, so your customers are always greeted with a friendly human voice and all messages are recorded in a thorough and professional manner.


If you are working from home, or from an office in a lesser-known area, having a business address in a well-known London area can provide a boost to your company image that can help new businesses grow and thrive. Renting real office space in high-status areas can be incredibly costly, and may not be feasible or necessary when setting up a new business. A virtual office in London is a cheap way of gaining a respected image whilst keeping costs low. Don’t worry if you need to host meetings in the city, though, as most virtual office services also provide meeting room hire at the business address you are renting – so you won’t lose face when it comes to important meetings and conferences.


Whether you are a new business, or a business looking to relocate, using a Virtual Office in London is also a great way of assessing whether the area is a good match for your business. Renting office space is expensive and often you are committed to a certain time period of rental. This can cause significant financial damage to your business if you learn that the area is not fit for your purposes, or if there is not enough custom in that area. Since virtual offices are far cheaper than renting physical office space, the potential for loss is greatly reduced and you can test and assess different areas of London without the huge rental costs and commitments.

If you are setting up a new business, then using a Virtual Office in London is ideal for helping you develop and grow until you are ready to move permanently to the area. Even if you can afford the move, why waste money that needn’t be spent? If you would like to find out more, visit Hatton & Berkeley today.