Why H&B?

Staffed with professional advisors, business development consultants and sector specific specialists, the Hatton & Berkeley Accelerator was created to help clients solve complex problems and develop scalable, repeatable processes for their own businesses.

How do I apply?

Get in touch with a member of our team and they will assist with your application for support. Call us on: +44(0)207 889 3000

Read below the criteria relating to certain aspects to a business that we look for, these may apply to you.


Barriers to entry

Barriers come in many forms, including; proprietary IP, licenses, contracts, and other economic advantage/disadvantages. A well structured business enjoys attractive operating margins and is protected from economic cycles and competitive transgression.

Reliable, recurring revenues

Client companies that have long standing relationships with their clients, evidenced under contract reflects their products and services are ‘mission critical’ in the client / customer value chain. This provides a stable foundation in which to build equity value thereafter.

High operating leverage

Companies with high fixed cost structures can enjoy accelerated cash flow growth as incremental revenue falls disproportionately to the bottom line. This is less evident in companies with higher variable costs.

Revenue streams and cashflow growth

We look to invest in clients growing companies, predominantly in attractive industry verticals, where equity value is created primarily from revenue and cashflow growth.

Partnering with experienced management

With decades of combined experience, we create partnerships with management teams in vertical areas of interest, these range from Media & Entertainment to Global Telecommunications and Renewable Energy. Our relationships with management teams are critical to our combined longterm success and are the corner stone of every investment.

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