Registered Office Services from H&B

About Registered Office Services

Once you have signed up with Hatton & Berkeley for our Registered Office Service (or Virtual Address Service) you can use the address instantly. The whole process is very simple, easy to use and takes around 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Our team is here to assist you to make it as easy and as quick as possible.

You can use either for filing a change of Registered Office for your existing company or when forming a new company with the Registered Office in place during the company incorporation process.

When incorporating a new company simply enter our address, this is then automatically sent to Companies House and HMRC for the new companies details.

Changing my Registered Office address

If you are an existing company you will need to file form AD01 at Companies House and write to HMRC with the new address details. You can use web filing for online processing. Alternatively our team can assist you with this process.

Using a Registered Office address on your website

All UK companies are legally required to display the Registered Office Address, Company Name, Company Number and Country of Registration on its stationery and any affiliated websites. If you are just using us for your Registered Office address, this does not constitute as a trading / postal address and you will need to purchase one of our Virtual Office Addresses.

On your website you should display both your Registered Office Address and Trading Address (for post).

The Registered Office should be mentioned in the legal pages (terms and conditions / privacy policy) of your site. Some customers may find it necessary to add this to any of their legal statements.

Using a Registered Office address on stationary

When displaying your Registered Office details on stationary it is standard practice to display these on the footer in smaller point sized knocked back (light grey for example) type.

Receiving Mail

When your Registered Office is used in error for receiving post, you will be contacted by email from a member of our team – please insure we always have the correct contact information for you, not missing any documentation.

Client Information

We will ask at point of purchase that we receive proof of identity and proof of address, this is referred as to as KYC (Know Your Customer) this can be sent in via post or email but must be received within 14 days.

We are required by law to keep client information on file whilst our clients are in service, this information is not shared with any third parties and the company is registered with the Information Commissioners Office to store these details securely.