What is a Registered Office Address?

All UK Companies are legally required to be registered at Companies House. This indicates the official address of the company, and it is considered public information to create corporate transparency. The address must be in within the United Kingdom. It is used by HMRC and Companies House to correspond regarding statutory and legal obligations. Please note that registered companies are legally obliged to display their Registered Office Address, Company Name, and Number on its stationery and any affiliated websites.

The Registered Office Address must be a physical postal address, companies are not allowed to use P.O. Boxes. As the address can be both residential and non-residential, it can be different from where you conduct the majority of your business activities. It is not required to ever visit your Registered Office Address, it serves as a point of official correspondence with government bodies.

The Benefits

  • Using a Registered Office Address provider allows you to protect the privacy of your identity and residential address in a professional manner. As the information is accessible to anyone once can avoid any unwanted mail or visitors.

  • A prestigious central London address can grant you with a more established, professional look, appealing to clients and potential customers.

  • Business based in smaller towns or other remote areas can incorporate their UK limited companies to expand their operations. This is especially useful for foreign companies looking at establishing a London branch for their activities.


Mail Handling

As all your company related government letters and notices will arrive at the Registered Office Address, you can choose to have the post directed to your mail forwarding address within 24 hours. Alternatively, all letters can be scanned and emailed to your email address.

Changing Your Current Address

If you would like to move your Registered Office Address to a different address, you must notify Companies House about the change. As soon as the filing is made it may take up to 2 working days for details to change on the public record.

You can change the address anytime, as many times you would like, as long as it stays in the same part of the United Kingdom where it was originally incorporated.

For existing companies, you will need to file form AD01 at Companies House and write to HMRC with the new address details. For online processing, you can use WebFiling or get in touch with Hatton & Berkeley. Our team are happy to assist you with this process, it is fairly straightforward and can usually be completed the same day.

Displaying the Address

Companies must display their Registered Office Address on their official stationary, websites, and emails.

On your website, you should also display your Trading Address if it is different from your Registered Address. Both should be mentioned in the legal pages (terms & conditions / privacy policy) of your site. Some customers may find it necessary to add this to any of their legal statements.

When displaying your Registered Office details on stationary it is standard practice to display these on the footer in smaller point sized knocked back (light grey for example) type.


Hatton & Berkeley Registered Office Service

Hatton & Berkeley provides Registered Office Service as a part of each virtual office package. The service, available for any new or existing company in England and Wales allows businesses to present themselves with a professional, well-established look based at a prestigious central London address.

Our team is on hand Monday - Friday 9am-5pm to help any current or new clients with their enquiries.

You can reach our Customer Services team via telephone on; +44(0)207-889-3000 alternatively via email at:  info@hattonandberkeley.com