5 reasons having a Virtual Office can enhance your business

1. Help to build your brand

Firstly, it’s worth aligning your business’ image with what your market or audience wants to see. Take a step back from everything for a moment and consider what, in an ideal world, your customers might want most from your product.

Big businesses tend to realise the importance of having a world-class brand and exploiting its potential. Having an international trading presence is a step in the right direction to building trading routes into a territory where you wish to expand your business. Virtual Office services help our overseas clients to achieve this efficiently and effectively.

Branding is more than your choice of company colours, fonts and graphic design. Your postcode is just as important.

Best defined as the experience customers have when they engage with your business, branding expresses the ethos that underpins your approach and marks you out from your competitors. This can extend to the every-day as well: how you answer the phone, dress, or communicate on social media all contributes to your brand. The most crucial thing here is consistency. Once you commit to your branding you’ve got to stick to it as any false notes will undermine your credibility.

Choosing the right location for your business to operate from is not just as simple as finding a desk space, you should take into account the local competition and resources available to you to make your business succeed. Choosing the right ‘business village’ for your business address is an as crucial part of building your brand as your brand.

2. Putting your trading name in the right business environment

Trading names are extremely important and it’s neither expensive or difficult to change it. Ever wondered at those law firms and corporates with authoritative, big names? It didn’t happen by accident; they consulted a brand consultant who pored over hundreds of variations of the name in order to find the one that was just right.

Choosing the right trading name for your company is not easy, take your time and consult with specialists first.

Your trading name will lend itself to every corner of your business, making sure it also fits the physical environment that your clients and future customers associate with your brand are extremely important.

When using a Virtual Office for your business, you should check that there is no other company using a similar name to you that may cause confusion, creating a unique brand or trading name takes time and should really speak about you and your business on a personal level.

3. Improve your website status

By and large, big companies have excellent websites that - through navigation, imagery or interface - represent something of the experience of knowing and using the company itself. With website content managed systems like Squarespace smaller enterprises can now craft a website with just a modicum of digital experience. After a week of trying it out, you will get the hang of it and it will pay dividends. Your company will appear professional, attractive and easy to navigate.

When potential customers want to learn more about your company, the first thing they will do is look you up online.

The first few seconds are all it takes for someone to judge the worth of your company...

... and decide whether to invest the time and energy of reading on. If you want to appear bigger or more professional it will come down to small, seemingly inconsequential details. Websites aren’t necessarily sources of information, they’re virtual shopfronts, so if yours is not up to scratch drop everything and get typing. And, don’t forget proper email addresses.

4. Get a Prestigious Address with a Virtual Office

Virtual Offices, especially in conjunction with non-geographic numbers (a phone number without an area code), provide small enterprises with an impressive trading address without having to physically move there. You can effectively operate from central London, even in specific districts known for certain industries that present you in the established or up-and-coming industry hotspots.

Those using virtual offices can benefit from the importance and prestige of the location and the businesses found there.

In addition, if there is a market for your products overseas, there’s no quicker way to look bigger than by expanding into new territories with a virtual office abroad.

5. Get a Virtual PA

Taking care of all the daily company tasks is a big ask for many small enterprises. Not only does it swallow time, energy and peace of mind, it might appear to customers that you lack the essential infrastructure and groundwork of an established business.

A way to circumvent this is by taking on a virtual PA, or a larger virtual telecoms infrastructure that fields your calls and communications.

These add-ons don’t require the training, cost and commitment to a full time staff member... 

... whilst effectively providing you with a personal assistant. Someone answering your calls promptly and professionally and notifying you by email or text can save time and give your business image a boost, suggesting strength in depth.