Well-being is down in the capital: so relocate and get a Virtual Office in London instead

People in London reported lower personal well-being than the national average: further evidence of the benefits of a virtual office in London.

Reported personal well-being has improved every year since 2012 when the annual study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) began.

The news suggests that increasing numbers of people in the UK are feeling positive about their lives - except in the capital people are feeling worse.

As London is crowned the financial centre of the world againprofessionals are leaving London in droves, some clearly benefiting from setting up virtual businesses with a trading presence in London so they don’t have to live there.

Virtual office providers in London will be rubbing their hands at the news. 

It’s becoming clearer to virtual startups, SMEs and freelancers that you can outsource your office, staff and trading presence onto your phone whilst still operating away from the expensive and stressful capital city.

With people’s wellbeing improving the most in Northern Ireland and the West Midlands, the results suggest that we should all escape to greener pastures.

"Choose running your business from your phone with a virtual office London" - Sarah, from London

Overall, the report found that while improvements are widespread across the population, they are uneven, with the proportion reporting very high personal well-being growing faster than the proportion reporting low levels is falling.

This indicates increasing inequality in personal well-being.”

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Souce: ONS