Virtual Offices in London benefit from our Hatton Garden EC1 status as UK's Hottest Tech Postcode

"Silicon Roundabout" hosts eight times more technology firms, including virtual offices, than its nearest rival..."

...according to a survey by estate agents Stirling Ackroyd, with over 3,200 tech companies per square kilometre.

That's 50 times more than the London average, and double the runner up EC2A, both just the other side of the Old Street Roundabout from our offices in Hatton Garden, itself famous as the centre of the flourishing London Diamond and Law Industries.

Inner London is home to a fifth of the UK’s tech companies, nearly 40,000 across the city. Just one post code, EC1V, is home to 3,228 tech firms per square kilometre.

Andrew Bridges, MD of Stirling Ackroyd, says:

"There’s an entrepreneurial startup spirit to the Old Street area that’s creating its own gravitational force."

"Silicon Roundabout" boasts a density of tech firms that's more than than eight times greater than even its closest rival, Manchester’s “Silicon Mill”.

Birmingham’s “Silicon Canal”, Bristol’s “Silicon Gorge" and Cambridge's “Silicon Fen” were outstripped by a factor of  16, 20 and 73 times respectively.

An overabundance of silicon was said to be responsible for driving other industries away from the newly tech riddled areas. 

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Virtual Offices in London can capitalise on the image of EC1 being an up and coming tech district