Virtual Offices in London looking preferable to those in New York as London tops List of Best Financial Centres.

The latest rankings, known as the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI), looks at 98 business districts around the world.

Results are based on an array of factors. London's qualities were assessed on the city’s human capital, financial development, business environment and infrastructure. London topped the competition in each.

But warning signals to city financial types include risks from the never ending saga of EU membership and the Conservative government’s efforts to thwart migration.

Mark Yeandle, Z/Yen firm spokesperson said:

“Soundbites coming out of Westminster about restricting immigration add uncertainty. You can’t have an international financial centre without an international workforce.”

The authors said The City benefited from renewed political-economic certainty following the recent General Election.

The rankings emphasised London’s position as head of the European pack in the global financial zone stakes.

Virtual Businesses with Registered Offices and Trading Addresses in the capital will be looking to capitalise on London's attractiveness to foreign investment.

In particular outsourced Accountancy and Telecoms can enable businesses to operate from London, even when staff and founders are based abroad.

Zurich is the only other European city to make the top 10.


  1. London

  2. New York

  3. Hong Kong

  4. Singapore

  5. Tokyo


  1. London

  2. Zurich (7th worldwide)

  3. Geneva

  4. Frankfurt

  5. Luxembourg

Virtual Office London Hatton And Berkeley Mayfair Berkeley Square

Research firm Z/Yen has given Virtual Offices in London - especially finance based Virtual businesses - a boost to their reputation as London tops List of Best Financial Centres in the world.