Virtual Office FAQs

+ Where are the Virtual Offices located?

H&B prides itself to have Virtual Office locations in the most prestigious parts of London that suits all business profiles.

Locations include;

43 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1
88-90 Hatton Garden, Holborn EC1

+ Can I use your Address only as my Registered Office Address?

We are proud to say that Hatton & Berkeley is one of the few companies that offers the provision of Registered Office and Director’s Service Address.

+ What is a Registered Office?

All UK limited companies, limited liability partnerships, public limited companies require a Registered Office. If you are an operator of an overseas business and are not based in the UK, but wish to trade here, you will need a UK Registered Office for your company. Our prestigious locations offer an affordable solution that strengthens the credibility and profile of your business.

+ What is a Directors Service Address?

By law, all directors of UK companies and partners of LLPs must provide an address, held on public record. Tax and legal documents from Companies House and HMRC are forwarded to the address, so if you'd prefer You can use your residential address for this purpose, but it will appear on the public record.

Most of our clients prefer to keep their personal address details confidential. This is possible using the Director's Service Address. This service also includes the forwarding of all director's statutory mail from HMRC and Companies House.

+ What is a Business Address?

Our Business Addresses provide comprehensive office functions for your business. Virtual Office services provide you with a Registered Office for your company wherever you are, and can include the Director's Service Address.

Enabling the use of the Mayfair and Holborn addresses on your website, business cards, stationary, invoices and any form of correspondence, including banking and statutory documentation.

+ Do you offer Meeting Space?

H&B focuses on delivering quality service to all Clients and constantly looking to expand the suit of services offered in order to help our Clients to grow their Companies. Therefore, offering physical space at our locations is simply something which doesn’t fit H&B’s profile. We are happy to offer location recommendations around the area where your ‘Business Address’ is located. Please contact your Account Manager for advice.

+ What happens when my client goes and visits me at the Virtual Office?

A H&B employee will advise the person politely that you are not physically based at our offices and that you are utilising H&B’s services for your back office support. After the visit we will notify you about it.

If you have any further questions please speak with a member of our team today on: +44(0)207 889 3000