Mail Forwarding FAQs

+ How is my mail forwarded?

Your mail is forwarded by Royal Mail; however we do take requests if you want to use a courier instead.

+ How frequently is mail forwarded?

We understand how important it is in the business world to receive your mail without much delay, therefore we forward the mail in the same day we receive it. You can also set your account to weekly, or monthly send-outs.

+ How do I update my ‘mail forwarding’ address?

You will need to send an email to with your full address and attach address verification within the past 3 months in the form of a utility bill, bank statement or council tax bill.

+ Can I collect my mail?

We newly introduced our PO Box services, whereby clients can come and collect their mail exclusively from our Dispatch Office in Hatton Garden. Clients who use our W1 or W1C addresses will still only be able to collect their post from Hatton Garden. There is a monthly charge of £10 for clients who wish to opt in for this service.

+ Do you charge for mail forwarding?

Mail Forwarding is included in all subscriptions, however in order to keep things fair we do charge separately for postage and handling fees on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. The system ensures that Clients are actually paying what they are using. We require a standard £30 deposit onto the account’s ‘Mail Forwarding Balance’ from which, we deduct the charges upon each mail forwarding occasion. If you receive more than 1 item of post a day, we will still only charge per dispatch and not per item.

Need any more information? Speak to a member of the team today on: +44(0)207 889 3000