What is Director’s Service Address?

Whenever someone is appointed to be the part of a UK limited company during or after the incorporation they are required to put the mailing address on public record. The address is used by HMRC and Companies House to forward tax and legal documents and notices. As a director, you don’t have to physically work or live there, or even visit the address at all.

A service address can be any physical mailing address. PO Boxes can be used as well, as long as the full address, with postcode is indicated. The address can be both residential and commercial and does not have to be registered in the UK, it can be anywhere around the globe.

Who needs Director’s Service Address?

A service address must be provided for all directors, company secretaries, shareholders, LLP members, and Person of Significant Control (PSC). There is no limit to how many individuals are registered.

The address is used as an official mailing address for any correspondence with government agencies. Should you change the address, you are obliged to inform Companies House regarding the change.


Providing a Service Address when incorporating a company

When a new company is incorporated, all directors must include their 'Residential Address' as well as a 'Service Address'. The service address will be on the public record at Companies House, and made available to the general public; the residential address will be protected information and is not available to the public. Shareholders and secretaries only need to supply one address each - known as a Service Address.

Registered Office Address or Director’s Service Address?

A Director’s Service Address is required by all UK company directors, company secretaries and subscribers, LLP members. The address is used as the main point of correspondence for these individuals with government agencies, such as Companies House and HMRC. It can be located anywhere in the world.

The Registered Office Address indicates the official address of a company. It is used by HMRC and Companies House to forward mail regarding the company’s statutory and legal notices. A registered office must be in the same part of the UK wherein the company was originally incorporated.

Can the Registered Office Address of a company be used as a Service Address?

Yes, a Registered Office Address can be used as a Service Address as well, as long as it fulfills all the official requirements.

Using a residential address as a Service Address

As the Service Address is on a public record, the benefit of not registering a residential address is to protect the privacy of your home. Put very simply, it is for safety and confidentiality. Public records are used by canvassers to obtain what they deem to be personal details of 'Key Decision Makers' - as a company director you are a target for these types of businesses, and it is best to avoid any unwanted mail or visitors.

Mail Handling

Letters addressed to your directors, shareholders, company secretaries, and PSCs can be directed to your chosen mail forwarding address on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.


Hatton & Berkeley Director’s Service Address

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