Call Answering with 24/7 Virtual Personal Assistant

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How Does It Work?

First, we will provide you with your dedicated 0207 London telephone number. All incoming calls will be handled 24/7 by our exceptionally well-trained Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA) who sound just like one of your team members based in your offices. Our VPAs will advise the caller that you are either currently out of the office or on a meeting, then take a brief message and the contact details of the caller. You will receive the summary instantly via text message or email.

The service is highly customisable to suit your needs. The service will allow you to save time by screening your incoming calls and minimising the risk of losing business. Having a Virtual Personal Assistant who understands the nature of your business will provide you with a more established and credible look by taking your customer engagement onto the next level.

The Benefits

  • Devise your own script which our trained VPAs will follow.

  • Dedicated 0207 London telephone number

  • Virtual Assistant with industry leading knowledge of your business nature and industry.

  • You are in charge where, when and how you would like to take your business phone calls.

  • 24/7 service to ensure you don’t lose any business or miss any opportunity.

  • The caller summary can be sent to multiple phone numbers via text message, or email address.

  • Multiple handling routes for different departments.

  • The ability to forward calls and connect it with the corresponding phone number & person.

Typical Users

  • Newly founded business organisations can immediately set up a professional business contact telephone number with a professional Virtual Personal Assistant and Call Answering service to never miss any business opportunity and improve their customer services.

  • Businesses trading outside of London, or the UK can use it to reinforce their business presence in London by having someone from the UK answer their calls in a professional manner.

  • Large, remotely working teams can benefit from out Call Answering and Call Patching services. The Virtual Assistant will keep the caller on the line whilst the call is connected with the corresponding extension number and department.


Call Answering with 24/7 Virtual Personal Assistant

To get started, call us on +44 (0) 207 889 3000 or click here.


From £65 / month

You can purchase the Call Answering Service as part of our Virtual Office 24/7 Virtual Personal Assistant package. The package includes all the benefits of the Call Answering service with an additional Virtual Office address and mail forwarding. Find out more information about our packages here.