0207 London Telephone Number with Call Divert Service

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How Does It Work?

We will provide you with a unique London 0207 number to reinforce your trading presence in a specific area, without the need for a physical office space. Your customers and future clients will feel safer and will trust you more, knowing your business is local or has an established presence in London.

Your unique number can be directed to any specific phone number. It is a simple and easy way to forward all your business calls to wherever you are, making sure that you do not miss any business opportunity.

Our advanced telecoms add-ons can be customised to fit your business’ needs and/or to enhance your customer service experiences.

The Benefits

  • 0207 number will reinforce your business presence in London, UK.

  • Forward your calls automatically to multiple phone numbers.

  • If there is no answer at your first destination, divert calls onto the next one.

  • With our Call Divert Service, it doesn’t matter if you are out of the office, divert your calls to any other destination.

  • If your calls are not answered, they are simply forwarded to a voicemail, which is then emailed to you.

  • Manage your business calls with ease throughout the day, wherever you are.

  • Set rules for after-hours calls or weekends.

Typical Users

The Call Divert service can be beneficial for a wide range of business activities or sectors depending on the specific requirements. We have listed some popular examples below:

  • Newly founded business organisations can immediately set up a professional business contact telephone number, instead of giving out their personal mobile or home phone lines.

  • Businesses trading outside of London, or the UK can use it to reinforce their business presence in London by adding an 0207 telephone number to their contact details. The customisable business-hours rules can be helpful for businesses trading in different time-zones.

  • For remotely working teams our add-ons can solve the problem of connecting specific calls with their corresponding department.


The Call Divert service can come with a number of optional cloud-based add-ons that can be added to you 0207 virtual numbers. They can all be tailored to your business needs, and to improve your customer engagement. All voice recordings are done by Hatton & Berkeley according to your preferences and instructions to save you time & energy.

  • Free Conference Calling

  • Call Recording

  • Intro Messaging

  • Time of Day Routing

  • Unlimited Data Backup

  • Call Queuing

  • Call Statistics

  • Call Whisper

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Hunt Groups

  • Number Presentation

  • Mid Call Transfer

  • Number Porting


0207 London Telephone Number with Call Divert Service

To get started, call us on +44 (0) 207 889 3000 or click here.


From £25 / month

You can purchase the 0207 number with call divert service as part of our Virtual Office Call Divert Package. The package will include all the benefits of the Call Divert service with an additional Virtual Office address and mail forwarding. Find out more information about our packages here.